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This process involves directly importing the vehicle of your choice from Japan or other countries. The transaction takes approximately 5-8 weeks if the vehicle is being sourced from Japan otherwise the time may vary depending on the proximity of the country from which the vehicle is being sourced. After consultation with our customer, we then negotiate with our trusted overseas partners to source a specific vehicle or meet your vehicle requirements, within a specified budget. Upon finding a suitable vehicle, actual photos will be sent to you along with vehicle specifications. Once our customer is satisfied then a deposit is requested to initiate the process. We provide regular updates to our customer once the vehicle has been purchased, as well as link that will allow you to track your vehicle en-route to Jamaica, once it has been placed on the delivery vessel. The vessel usually takes approximately 4 weeks to arrive in Jamaica; however, the shipping time may vary.

Benefits of Special Orders

Motor Vehicles eligible for importation into Jamaica

Used motor vehicles and equipment to be imported must not be older than the model years listed below:

  • 2015 model year motorcars.
  • 2014 model year light commercial units.
  • 2010 model year motor cars/light commercial vehicles (returning residents)
  • 2014 model year motorcycles
  • 2008 model year buses seating capacity 15-29.
  • 2006 model year buses seating capacity 30-44.
  • 2000 model year buses seating capacity 45 and over.
  • 2005 model year trucks unladen weight 3,000kg-4000kg
  • 2000 model year trucks unladen weight 4001 kg-8000 kg.
  • 1995 model year trucks unladen weight over 8000 kg.
  • 1990 model year heavy-duty commercial equipment.